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Our #AlmaAta40 Campaign

This year marks a significant milestone in a watershed moment of global health history. Our AlmaAta40 Campaign strives to raise awareness of, demonstrate the legacy of, and make connections to today and tomorrow’s global health challenges and opportunities for the 1978 Alma-Ata Declaration.

In the run up to the Alma-Ata Declaration’s 40th Anniversary, we aim to gather a group of scholars, health professionals, policy makers, activists, and many others interested in promoting and catalyzing action towards the articles that the Alma-Ata Declaration laid out.

Interested in carrying forward the Alma-Ata legacy? Visit our About page, sign up to participate in our coming webinars, visit our document repository, create a group, and join us on the road to #AlmaAta40

The Future of PHC

The pioneers of AlmaAta40 are releasing a book on success stories in Primary Health Care, the first of its kind. Check here for updates on how to access it.

Video from the 71st World Health Assembly

"Primary Health Care … is the best way to organize a health system"  --Shannon Barkley 

Click here: Past, present, and future primary health care: Alma-Ata at 40

A talk hosted by Shannon Barkley featuring:
  • Dr. Yelzhan Birtanov, Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan
  • Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health at WHO Europe
  • Ms. Vidhya Ganesh, Deputy Director of UNICEF Programme Division
  • Dr. Edward Kelley, Director, Service Delivery and Safety at WHO Headquarters



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